Corroboree Little Atheletics

Corroboree Awards

Each season Corroboree awards a number of trophies and certificates to athletes for outstanding results and effort. Overall club awards include Girl and Boy Club Champions and the Best Club Person. Age group awards include Age Champion (athlete with the most club best results for the season) and Most Improved (athlete with the highest number of personal bests). Athletes achieving the best result in each event in their age group are also presented with “Centre Best” certificates. All athletes in attendance at the Presentation Day are provided with a “Consistent Effort” medal.

Awards for season 2018-19

Girls Club Champion: Gabrielle Dahms (U12)
Boys Club Champion: David Wilson (U17)
Coaches Encouragement Awards:
U9-U17 – Luke Peek and Sierra Jacques
U6-U8  – Lachlan Stevens, Erica Hole and Phoebe Moana Te Wake

John Hunt (Best Club Person) Award: Merran Laver

Life Membership Awarded: Ingrid Takken and Ruud Van Scheppingen




Under 6
Age Champion: Sabine Reiter
Most Improved: Erica Hole and Phoebe Moana Te Wake
Under 6
Age Champion: Arthur Giason
Most Improved : Colby Bear
Under 7
Age Champion: (joint) Charlotte Karl and Lilah Charman
Most Improved: Elise Walton
Under 7
Age Champion: Elijah McKean
Most Improved: Rafe Skinner
Under 8
Age Champion: Rachel Giason
Most Improved: Elke O’Connell
Under 8
Age Champion: Benji McNamara
Most Improved: Eoin Shrewsbury
Under 9
Age Champion: Clare Brookes
Most Improved: Ada Ciaccia
Under 9
Age Champion:  Jeremy Specker
Most Improved:  Cameron Walsh
Under 10
Age Champion : (joint) Heidi Davidson and Tahlia Chambers
Most Improved: Abbey Sparkman
Under 10
Age Champion: Brayden Worth
Most Improved: Luke Peek
Under 11
Age Champion : Luca Talbot-Hogg
Most Improved: Aya Zisserman
Under 11
Age Champion : Gabriel Irvin
Most Improved: Oliver Barker
Under 12
Age Champion: Gabrielle Dahms
Most Improved: Thea Reinhardt
Under 12
Age Champion : Otis JeongReuss
Most Improved: Owen Doherty
Under 13
Age Champion: Georgia Godwin
Most Improved: Emma Kilian
Under 13
Age Champion: Jett Barker
Most Improved: Noah Grierson
Under 14
Age Champion: Caroline Cajina
Most Improved: Ruby Alexander
Under 14
Age Champion: Misha Van Scheppingen
Most Improved: Ethan Ayodele
Under 15
Age Champion: Sarah Nutt
Most Improved: No qualifiers
Under 15
Age Champion: Angus Boshier
Most Improved: Olivier Beauvais
Under 16
Age Champion: Alexandra Krope
Most Improved: Nina Sundstrom and Laila Sundstrom
Under 16
Age Champion: Ethan Laver
Most Improved: Kai JeongReuss
Under 17
Age Champion: Lizanne Van Scheppingen
Most Improved: Bonnie Sutton
Under 17
Age Champion: David Wilson
Most Improved: No qualifiers


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