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Award definitions

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Club Champion

Coaches Encouragement Awards

John Hunt (Best Club Person) Award

Life Membership

Age Champions

This award is given to the best performing child in each age group over the course of the season. Each event that the children compete in will have a child who has run the fastest or jumped the furthest or highest in each event. For each of these events, the child will score 1 point. The child who has the most ‘best’ results for each age group will be awarded the Age Champion. In the event of a tie, performances at the Representative carnivals will also be taken into account as well as any Centre records achieved throughout the season to break the deadlock. If 2 or more children can not be separated then joint winners will be awarded.

Note that children must have competed in at least 9 of the 15 meets to be considered for this award. This stops a child who might be very talented but only attends 1 meet from taking the award from those children who continue to support the club throughout the entire season.

Most Improved

This award is given to the child who achieves the most number of PB’s (Personal Bests) throughout the season. A PB is counted when the child runs the fastest time, throws the longest distance, jumps the furthest or highest they have for the entire season. It is possible to achieve multiple PB’s at a single meet.

Age champions are exempt from this award.

Centre Best Certificates

Children will be awarded a Centre Best certificate if they have achieved the best result in a single event for their age group for the entire season. If they achieve the best time, or furthest distance in multiple events, these will all be recognised on the certificate.

Participation Medals

Any child who attends at least 9 of the 15 meets (in 2018-19 this will be 8 from 14) will be awarded a Corroboree Participation Medal at the Presentation Day. This is a small thank you from the club for your child’s support during the season.

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