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Meet 9

Saturday, 1 February 2020
8:45am - 11am

Cancelled due to heat

After a lot of thought and many conversations and googling, I have made the decision to cancel tomorrow’s meet. It is not a decision I have taken lightly and I have endeavoured to get as much information as possible.

In the end, the combination of heat (one website is saying 36 at 10am and the minimum is just not dropping below 25 tonight meaning we will be starting warm) and smoke levels right on the border of what is considered healthy, as well as ESA telling us there is a high chance of more smoke coming in across the city today, led me to decide that I would rather make a decision now and give everyone their weekends back. We don’t know what that sort of heat and those smoke levels could do to kids during strenuous exercise so I’d rather be safe than sorry. Let’s keep the kids out of the smoke and the heat this week.

Let’s hope things improve as we go forward and all is well for the meet on the 8th Feb.

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