Corroboree Little Atheletics


Registration fees for 2020–21 have changed from their previous structure which included a free t-shirt. The shirt cost has been removed from the total fee to allow parents to reuse shirts where they can. The Little Athletics ACT portion of the fee has risen by $5 and Corroboree will need to pass that straight on to the membership.

Returning members from Season 2019-20 will get a discount code with which will reduce the cost of membership by $8.50 per child. This represents a 10% reduction in the LAACT portion of the fee to say thank you to those returning athletes after one of the toughest seasons on record in regards to the many challenges encountered last season.

The new fees (minus the t-shirt) are as follows:


No. of ChildrenCorroboreeLAACTTotal

Please note

The fee for any child who joins after 1 January 2020 will be $70 per child (no discounts for 2 or more children in this instance).

What age group will my child be in?

If you child was born in the years between (and including) 2003-2015, your child is in the right age range to compete in Little Athletics for the 2020-21 season. Find out what age group your child will be in by selecting the year below:

= Too old for season 2020–21

What registration covers

Registration fees cover all Corroboree meets (14 throughout the season plus a special Christmas/Gift event), ACT Little Athletics Association (ACTLAA) registration fee and insurance.

If you are new or need to replace your club t-shirt with the Corroboree Club logo, it can be purchased for $30 at any meet or other special occasion as advertised in our newsletters.

The Corroboree registration component enables the club to cover operational costs and make improvements to equipment and facilities. If you have difficulties meeting the nominated registration fee, please speak with one of our committee members to discuss payment options.

Corroboree pay $85 for each athlete (from our fees above) to the Association for registration, championship and special event costs, insurance and administration. All athletes competing in Club or Little Athletics ACT events must be registered with the association. Registration also entitles you to compete anywhere in Australia which is great news for school holidays!

How to register

For existing members, use your last year’s ResultsHQ username and password and press the ‘Retrieve Details’ button to log on.  If you have forgotten your details press the ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ button.

For new members, press the ‘I don’t have an account’  button to commence the registration process.

Payments can be made online during the registration process. Registrations will be accepted throughout the season.

Registration packs, including registration numbers and age patches, and t-shirts with Corroboree logo can be collected from the Committee Table the week before the first meet, (October 10) or at your first meet. Keep an eye on the website for details.

Please note: registration packs will not be issued until full registration fees are received.

Please note that we have a ‘no refund policy’ on fee’s so please consider this when signing up. Half the fee goes to Little Athletics ACT (LAACT), a large portion of what remains pays for the administration costs of running the meets. However, due to COVID, the committee have agreed that if the season gets cancelled before and up to the 4th meet, Corroboree will refund the Corroboree component of the fees (see table below). The club has no control on the LAACT portion and they also have a no refund policy.

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