Corroboree Little Atheletics

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Uniform (to be updated with some exciting news very soon)

Basic uniform

Corroboree’s basic uniform is a white t-shirt and royal blue shorts. A white t-shirt with the Corroboree logo are provided as part of your registration fee. For safety reasons, footwear is compulsory for all events.

Competition uniform

Corroboree offers a variety of uniform items for boys, girls and club members. These uniforms are encouraged for
inter-club carnivals, however athletes may opt to continue to wear the white t-shirt and royal blue shorts. Uniforms can be purchased at meets from the Committee Table.

Crop tops: $30
Logo bike pants: $30
Plain bike pants: $20

Singlets: $25
Running shorts: $30

Polo top (adults): $30
Bucket hat: $10

Second-hand uniform shop

Donations of competition uniforms and specialised athletic footwear (i.e. waffles or spikes) are accepted at the Committee Table for re-sale at prices well below their new value. Profits from the sale of second-hand uniforms are retained to assist in the day-to-day running of the Club, including the purchase of equipment and other items.